About Eindhoven

Join us for The Academy of Urbanism’s Annual Congress as we head to the Dutch smart city of Eindhoven.

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Learn how this former industrial powerhouse reinvented itself to become a vibrant city of open technologically-driven innovation and collaboration.

In the 1990s the loss of the city’s two major companies, Phillips and DAF Trucks, resulted in 50 per cent of jobs disappearing almost overnight. Since then, Eindhoven has been able to reinvent itself through strong municipal leadership and a commitment to true collaboration across government, business and knowledge sectors, known as ‘the Triple Helix’.

The Triple Helix recognised the latent commercial potential in product design and associated technologies, leading both the municipality and business community to create initiatives such as Brainport Eindhoven and High Tech Campus. Nowadays a third of all Dutch R&D research investment is made in Eindhoven and a quarter of jobs are in technology, ICT and biomedical technology.

Through a combination of walking tours, study visits, workshops and speakers drawn from across the globe, we will explore how Eindhoven and others are creating high quality, yet attainable, living environments.

Eindhoven was a European City of the Year finalist at the 2017 Urbanism Awards. To read the assessment summary and key learning moments identified by the assessors click here.