Planning at Arup

Planning at Arup spans across the entire project lifecycle. Arup work to solve complex legal and technical challenges, as well providing large integrated teams to help clients respond to broader economic, environmental and societal challenges. Shaping places through seamless interdisciplinary working is the most creative and effective way to address complex issues.

Arup have realised for some time that our clients don’t just need great designers, planners and
engineers. They need a more integrated level of understanding – a broker between the forces shaping our towns, cities and regions. Arup brings together urban economists, technical consultants, and creative designers to work closely with engineers to influence and shape the physical, social and economic infrastructure that power city growth.

Arup’s planners have been instrumental in shaping agendas, having led the Cities Alive programme. This challenges conventional thinking and place value on the human experience to deliver more inclusive and liveable cities.

Arup’s Planning team combines the skills of transport planners, environmental consultants, energy and climate change experts, urban designers, landscape architects, urban economists and strategic host city experts to provide an interdisciplinary service and an integrated approach to issues facing contemporary cities.