Experience the transformation of Strijp S, T and R

With just a few weeks left to go until AoU Congress, learn more about the exciting tour to Strijp S, T and R on Thursday 20 June.

More than 125 years ago Philips brought light to Eindhoven. The company turned Eindhoven into a vibrant city bursting with innovation, technology and design. Industrial heritage, such as old Philips factories and power stations throughout Eindhoven, has been transformed into trendy shops, exceptional restaurants, luxury lofts and creative workplaces. This transformation is clearly visible in many parts of the city, most notably in the districts of Strijp S, T and R.


Those who think of industrial heritage, think of Strijp-S. Previously, it was known as ‘the forbidden city’, as the site was only accessible to Philips employees. It’s the place where the CD and electronic music were invented. Today, this district is buzzing with creative energy. Old factories have been transformed into cool shops and good food spots as well as inspiring creative workplaces. Visit Strijp-S and check out some best practice rezoning for yourself. Strijp-S is located between Strijp-T and the area around the Emmasingel, and is easily accessible by public transportation

Nowhere is Eindhoven’s makeover more evident than at Strijp-S, the former Philips complex

– The New York Times


© Mitchell van Eijk


Once the power plant that provided Philips with energy, nowadays Strijp-T is a breeding ground for design and innovation. Here you will find the makers. In recent years, the impressive post-war buildings, with their characteristic industrial appearance, have been optimised for sustainable businesses. Among others, the most innovative company in the Netherlands VanBerlo and global player in the field of 3D metal printing Additive Industries have moved in. Strijp-T is adjacent to Strijp-S, a train station and 25 hectares of green with the highway and Eindhoven Airport just around the corner.


Strijp-R is located within a stone’s throw of Strijp-T. At Strijp-R you will find the RK-complex, the former ceramic workshop of Philips, where radios and televisions were made decades ago. It is one of the few buildings that remained on Strijp-R after the departure of the electronics giant. Nowadays you can find the workshop and showroom of world famous designer Piet Hein Eek here, next to other creative companies and design studios.