Søren Hansen, Project Director, Ramboll

Søren Hansen, Project Director, Ramboll

Søren Hansen,
Project Director, Ramboll

Workshop: Healthy People, Healthy Places, Healthy Planet – Day Two @ 14:00

Søren Hansen is an experienced project leader working within the fields of masterplanning, urban, transportation and transport planning services and environmental assessment studies.

Søren’s high level projects include:

Fujairah Masterplan 2040 Port Review. Project manager, strategic consultant and steering committee member for the team developing a new masterplan for the United Arab Emirate of Fujairah.

Skolkovo Innovation Center urban development, Moscow. Project director for masterplanning and sustainability client services with the aim of creating Skolkovo Innovation Center, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley. The urban development will comprise 25,000 inhabitants and 30,000 workplaces primarily within the R&D cluster. Søren Hansen, explains: “Rather than starting with the construction of physical buildings, we first produced a vision of life within the city. To a great extent, this means tapping into the creative, innovative pulse and identifying how residents can create networks. The emerging vision is a city which focuses on the shared community.”

Ørestad -new suburb of Copenhagen. Since 1996 Søren has been assigned to Ørestad Development Corporation (now the CPH City & Port Development ) as consultant for the transportation infrastructure masterplan. Ørestad’s location and transport accessibility makes the district an integral part of central Copenhagen’s metropolitan area and is being developed with the aim of contributing to the long-term urban development of Copenhagen.