Henrik Seiding, Executive Director, Ramboll

Henrik Seiding Director,  Ramboll

Henrik Seiding
Director, Ramboll

Workshop: Healthy People, Healthy Places, Healthy Planet – Day Two @ 14:00

Henrik Seiding is an holistic problem solver, in charge of Ramboll’s development of sustainable societies from Greenland to Saudi Arabia.

Henrik is an expert in evaluation of socio-economic consequences, with special focus on analysis and study of policy initiatives at national and EU levels, as well as financial consultancy within the same areas.

His extensive consultancy experience includes analyses regarding efficiency improvements in specific organisations.

Greenland is facing a potentially large business adventure related to the extraction of natural resources in the emerging mineral industry. Henrik’s team conducted a competence development project for local companies to enable them to be subcontractors on large-scale mining projects. The objective of the project was to build the capacity of the private sector in Greenland through training activities , such as tender writing processes, and consultancy services such as organisational capacity building, partnering and business development.

In Saudi Arabia, Henrik is responsible for the establishment of a new investment and implementation plan for the city of Jeddah that will help the metropolitan become one of the world’s most sustainable cities by 2030. The project contains socio-economic analysis, feasibility studies, capacity building and “out-reach” programmes for the citizens – and is based on strong analysis in a number of environmental areas conducted by colleagues from Ramboll Group.

Henrik has an educational background in Political Science and has previously worked for the Danish Ministry of Finance.