New Business Models for Tomorrow’s Urbanism with Yolande Barnes AoU

Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms (© Nine Elms London)

Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms (© Nine Elms London)

New Business Models for Tomorrow’s Urbanism – Day Two @ 11.35
Yolande Barnes AoU Head of World Research, Savills

Yolande Barnes AoU

The importance of ‘place making’ and good urbanism is broadcast by planners, developers, designers and property professionals far and wide. Yet, although the aesthetic, social, environmental and even health values of good urban landscapes are increasingly understood, the economic values are less widely demonstrated.

Savills’ research over the last two decades into the economic costs and benefits of different types of urbanism means the researchers have found enough evidence to stop asking ‘what works?’ and ‘does it have sufficient value?’ to asking ‘why isn’t it always done?’.

In answering this question, Yolande has found that the economic case is compelling but delivery structures and business models are weak or inadequate to make it happen most of the time. She argues that the route to great places is a dark and little-trod road for the built environment industry and adherence to late 20th century practices can inhibit the creation of the sort of places that people love.

In her talk, Yolande will explore what can be done differently in order for the financial case for good urbanism to not only stack up but also surpass conventional models and how the business case can stand alongside the compelling social and environmental ones. She will also show why this is particularly important in the digital age.

Yolande will draw on past experiences from cities around the world as well as doing some crystal ball gazing before presenting her insights into what she thinks will work and what won’t.

Yolande Barnes AoU,
Head of World Research, Savills